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أجمل مائة بيت في الغزل والعشق والحب
One Hundred Beautiful Verses Celebrating Love
وما كنتُ ممن يدخلُ العشقُ قلبَهُ = ولكنّ من يُبصِرْ جفونكِ يَعشقُ

Love was never able to enter my heart; but seeing your eyes one inevitably falls in love.

أغرّكِ مني أنّ حُبّكِ قاتلي = وأنكِ مهما تأمُري القلبَ يَفعلُ؟

Are you elated that your love kills me, and that whatever you ask of my heart it unquestioningly obeys?

يهواكَ ما عشتُ الفؤادُ فإن أمُتْ = يتبعْ صدايَ صداكَ عندَ الأقبرِِِ

As long as I live my heart loves you; and when I die, my echo will follow yours even to the grave.

أنتِ النعيمُ لقلبي و العذابُ لهُ = فما أمرّكِ في قلبي وأحلاكِ

You are the bliss of heaven and the torture of hell to my heart; how sweet and how bitter you are to this heart of mine!

وما عجبي موت المحبينَ في الهوى = و لكن بقاءَ العاشقينَ عجيبُ

I never wonder why lovers die of love; but I am amazed how those who fall in love can remain alive!

لقد دبَّ الهوى لكِ في فؤادي = دبيب دمِ الحياةِ إلى عروقي

Your love crawls gently in my heart, with the same tingling sensation that blood makes, when flowing in my veins and arteries.

إن يهدمُ العشاقُ ركنَ ولائهم = فبناءُ حبي راسخُ الأركانِ

Should lovers tear down the edifice of their loyalty, the foundations of my love are unshakable, defying destruction.

لو كانَ قلبي معي ما اخترتُ غيركمُ = ولا رضيتُ سواكم في الهوى بدَلا

Had my heart been with me, I would have chosen none but you; nor would I have exchanged your love for anyone else’s.

لستُ أنسى من نأت عنيَ ما = دام لي في هذه الدنيا رمقْ

So long as I live, I shall never forget the beloved who has removed herself from my sight.

عيناكِ نازلتا القلوبَ فكلها = إما جريح أو مصاب المقتلِ

Your eyes waged a fierce battle against all hearts, causing them to either bleed or helplessly agonize.

وإني لأهوى النومَ في غير حينهِ = لعلَ لقاءً في المنامِ يكونُ

O, how I desire to fall asleep at any moment, perchance I may see the beloved in my dreams!

ولولا الهوى ما ذلّ في الأرضِ = عاشقٌ ولكن عزيز العاشقينَ ذليلُ

If it weren’t for love, no lover on earth would be subdued; nonetheless, even the mightiest lover is easily subdued.

نقـّلْ فؤادكَ حيث شئتَ من الهوى = ما الحبُّ إلا للحبيبِ الأولِ

Let your heart roam and browse in fields of affection, true and lasting love, however, belongs only to the first love.

إذا شئتَ أن تلقى المحاسنَ كلها = ففي وجه من تهوى جميعُ المحاسنِ

If you wish to see all the charming and beautiful things in the world, you need not look beyond the face of your beloved.

لا تحاربْ بناظريكَ فؤادي = فضعيفان يغلبان قويا

Fight me not with your two eyes; two weaklings can beat and defeat a strong one.

إذا ما رأتْ عيني جمالكَ مُقبلاً = وحقكَ يا روحي سكرتُ بلا شربِ

Whenever my eyes spot your approaching beauty, I assure you, dearest, that I become inebriated even without a drink.

كتبَ الدمعُ بخدّي عهدهُ = للهوى و الشوقُ يملي ما كتبْ

Tears have written an eternal pledge to love: words of abiding loyalty, dictated by longing, indelibly inscribed on my cheeks.

أحبكَ حُبين حبُّ الهوى = وحبُّ لأنكَ أهلٌ لذاكَ

I love you two loves: one is romantic and one because you simply deserve of be loved.

رأيتُ بها بدراً على الأرض ماشياً = ولم أرَ بدراً قـّط يمشي على الأرض

In her, I saw a full moon walking on earth, though never before have I seen a moon on earth walking.

قالوا الفراق غداً لا شك قلتُ لهم = بل موت نفسي من قبل الفراق غداً

They said, tomorrow is the separation from the beloved; I said rather tomorrow is the death of my soul, before the moment of separation arrives.

قفي ودعينا قبل وشك التفرّق = فما أنا من يحيا إلى حينَ نلتقي

Stop and bid me farewell before separation becomes a reality; for I am unlikely to live until we meet again.

ولو لم تكن عندي كسمعي وناظري = فما نظرت عيني ولا سمعت أذني

Had you not been as dear to me as my eyes and ears, my eyes would not see, nor would my ears hear.

ضممتكِ حتى قلتُ ناري قد انطفتْ = فلمْ تـُطفَ نيراني وزيدَ وقودها

When I embraced you so close, I thought the fire of my passion would die down; my fires never subsided, their flames roared instead.

لأخرجنَ من الدنيا وحبكمُ = بينَ الجوانح لم يشعرْ به أحدُ

When I leave this world, I will depart with your love hidden deep in my heart; a closely guarded secret, to no mortal revealed.

تتبع الهوى روحي في مسالكهِ = حتى جرى الحبُ مجرى الروح في الجسدِ

My soul pursued love on its intricate paths, until it became an inseparable part of my being.

أحبكِ حباً لو يفيضُ يسيرهُ = على الخلق ماتَ الخلقُ من شدة الحبِّ

My love for you is so great, even a tiny portion of it would flood the world; drowning its people in a deluge of love.

وأثقل محمولٍ على العينِ دمعها = إذا بانَ أحبابٌ وعزّ إيابُ

The heaviest burden on the eye is its tears, when loved ones depart with no hoped-for return in sight.

أنتَ ماضٍ و في يديكَ فؤادي = ردّ قلبي و حيثُ ما شئتَ فامضِِ

You took my heart and are now going away; first give my heart back to me, and then you may go where you will.

ولي فؤادٌ إذا طالَ العذابُ بهِ = هامَ اشتياقاً إلى لقيا معذبهِ.

My heart is such that the more it is tormented, the fonder it grows of its tormentor.

ما عالجَ الناسَ مثل الحبِ من سقمٍ = و لا برى مثلهُ عظما ًولا جسدا

Love is the best cure for people’s ills, and the most injurious to ssss and soul.

وإن محلاً أنتَ فيه لواسعٌ = وإن زماناً عشتَ فيهِ لطيّبُ

Your presence renders any place spacious and accommodating; time spent with you is most fulfilling, ecstatically sweet.

هجرتكِ حتى قيلَ لا يعرفُ الهوى = وزرتكِ حتى قيلَ ليس لهُ صبرا.

I kept my distance from you; it was interpreted as lacking in love. However, when I paid you a prolonged visit, others said I was incapable of staying away from you.

قالت جننتَ بمن تهوى فقلتُ لها = العشقُ أعظمُ مما بالمجانينِ

She said you have been driven insane by love; I said insane people are indeed the greatest lovers.

فحبكَ يا حبيبي أطابَ عيشي = وهمسكَ يا أنيسي جلا كروبي

Your love, beloved, has made my life most delightful; your whispers dispelled my every gloom.

و قلتُ شهودي في هواكِ كثيرة ٌ = وأَصدَقهَا قلبي ودمعي مسفوحُ.

I said there are many who bear witness to my love for you; most truthful are my heart and my copious tears.

أردُ إليهِ نظرتي وهو غافلٌ = لتسرقَ منهُ عيني ما ليسَ داريا.

My eyes glance surreptitiously at her, imperceptibly stealing her exotic charm.

لها القمرُ الساري شقيقٌ وإنها = لتطلعُ أحياناً لهُ فيغيبُ

She and the full moon seem like twins; yet light emanating from her countenance is even brighter at times.

وإن حكمتْ جارتْ عليّ بحكمها = ولكن ذلك الجورُ أشهى من العدلِ

She judges me so unjustly, yet such unjustness is sweeter to me than justice itself..

ملكتَ قلبي و أنتَ فيهِ = كيفَ حويتَ الذي حواكَ؟

You have taken possession of my heart while living within it! How were you able to contain that which by it you are contained?

قلْ لل****ِ كيفَ أنعمُ بعدكمْ = وأنا المسافرُ والفؤادُ مقيمُ؟

Tell the beloved that life without her is joyless for me; how can I enjoy life when I left my heart behind?

عذبيني بكل شيءٍ سوى الصدِّ = فما ذقتُ كالصدودِ عذابا

Punish me if you will, but never reject me; for rejection is the severest punishment you can ever inflict on me.

وقد قادت فؤادي في هواها = فطاعَ لها الفؤاُد و ما عصاها

She led my heart on into her love, and my heart willingly obeyed.

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